SharkAI at the Florida Museum of Natural History

By Dr. Grant on Jul 17, 2023
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Summer is a great time for learning and teaching. We love opportunities to teach classes and introduce people to computer science concepts. We previously taught classes as part of the NACME Applied Machine Learning Intensive Summer Bootcamp program. At the University of Oklahoma we held sessions of the Data Bite Workshop introducing machine learning concepts.

In July 2023, after being invited by Dr. Jeremy Waisome, members of the UF Data Studio attended the SharkAI teacher professional development program. This is a program that teaches K-12 teachers how to use machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

Alexander R. Webber speaking to a group of teachers about applications of AI.

Alex introduced some Artificial intelligence applications that we are working on in the lab. He surveyed some of the recent game changing applications of AI in recent years. Many of the attendees were exited to hear about Alex's work on EarSketch CAI, an application that introduced learners to AI-assisted Python programming by creating studio-quality music.

Dr. Grant spoke to the group of twenty K-12 teachers about Databases and Spreadsheets. He spoke about the difference between databases, spreadsheets, data sets, and data sheets. He introduced the teachers to new the ways AI and ML can be integrated into their everyday applications. The teachers discussed the best ways to get students and colleagues working with AI.

Dr. Grant speaking at the Shark AI Meeting

The workshop was held at the Florida Museum of Natural history on the University of Florida Campus. We got to have a meeting a meeting with a beautiful view of the wildlife as show in the header picture.

We look forward to working with all the great members of the Shark AI team!

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